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DayOne Access Pilot Program – Frequently Asked Questions

JCCC is introducing a new program in which required course materials will be available to students on or before the first day of class through the online learning management system. For courses participating in this pilot, this will be the required textbook, no additional physical textbook is required.

Your student account will be charged the second week of class. It’s that easy—you don’t have to do anything else but go to class.

What are the benefits of DayOne Access?

DayOne Access is a collaboration between your professor, the publisher and the JCCC Bookstore to provide required materials automatically when you enroll in the course at a reduced cost.

How will I know if a class has DayOne Access materials?

The JCCC Bookstore will inform you which of your courses have DayOne Access content through the store website and in-store book list. For Winter Term courses, you will also see a DayOne Digital Content charge on your student account.

How do I access my materials?

All DayOne Access materials will be accessed through your course in D2L or Canvas. Your professor will provide specific directions or communication, if needed.

Why is my student account being charged automatically?

All students enrolled in DayOne Access courses are automatically billed for the content. The cost of your DayOne Access content will be charged to your student account two weeks into the semester (for Winter Term courses, the charge will be placed on your student account at the time of enrollment). You will receive multiple reminders prior to the charge being placed on your account. You may pay through MyFinances, or in person at the JCCC Bursar’s Office (GEB 115).

Will I be able to include these charges in my Payment Plan?

Yes, if you are already enrolled in a Credit payment plan for the term, the book charges will be automatically included and spread across any remaining installments.

What if I drop the course?

As long as you drop the course before the end of the official Add/Drop date for the term, you will not be charged for the cost of the DayOne Access content.

What if I don’t want to participate in DayOne Access?

We have negotiated to get your course materials at the lowest cost. These materials are required by your instructor. If you decide you don’t want to participate, you may opt out here. Please note that you will need to purchase these materials elsewhere to be successful in this course, and you will pay a higher price.

What if I need a print option?

Some DayOne Access courses do have a low-cost print option available for purchase at The JCCC Bookstore. The publishers provide this print at a reduced cost for those students participating in the DayOne Access program. The reduced cost is passed on since you have paid for the content digitally. Those students opting out of the digital content are therefore not eligible to purchase this low-cost print copy.