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Frequently Asked Questions on Bookstore Rewards Program

Additional questions can be sent via email. Click the Contact Us link on our home page & select 'Bookstore Rewards Questions' for the subject line.
Q:What is the Bookstore Rewards Program?
A: The Bookstore Rewards program allows you to earn points for every purchase you make. Whether you're shopping on-line or in our store, points you earn can then be redeemed for free JCCC stuff from our on-line Rewards Catalog

Q: Where do I sign up?
A: Sign up is easy. Simply set up your account on our website & start earning points.

Q: Why do I have to use a Campus ID Card?
A: Since our rewards program was designed exclusively for students, faculty and staff it makes sense to use your JCCC Card number for your rewards account number (although a ten digit phone number is also acceptable). The Campus ID card gives us the ability to swipe your card for in store purchases to guarantee the points you earn get to the right account.

Q: How do I earn points?
A: Points are earned each time you make a purchase either on-line at or at either our main campus or c-store. You earn 1 point for every $1 you spend. If you're shopping in our store, please be sure to hand the cashier your Campus Card & tell them you're a Bookstore Rewards member. Only transactions that have your reward number printed on the receipt will be posted to your rewards account. You can also earn points by selling back your textbooks during end of term buyback. You earn 1 point for every $10 of your total buyback transaction.

Q: Where can I see the points I've earned?
A: To see how many points you have earned simply log into your account on-line at & click the “Bookstore Log In” link. In this section you will see a "Bookstore Rewards Program Information" link which will show you how many points you've earned, how many points you have available to redeem & how many points you have left.

Q: I just bought a book 10 minutes ago. Where are my points?
A: Points that are earned are not applied instantaneously. Points earned on in store transactions can take up to 2 business days to post to your account. If they don't show up after a few days, double check your receipt to make sure your rewards account number was attached to your transaction. Also make sure that you have created/setup your account on our website. If there is no account for points to post to they will be dropped.

Q: I have points, but it says I have no points available to redeem. Why?
A: When looking at your rewards account online, it is important to know the difference between points "earned" & points "available". Points are not available for immediate redemption. Currently, we impose a 30 day waiting period from when points are earned to when they can be redeemed. Points that have passed the 30 day period will become available for redemption. You can only redeem points that are available.

Q: Do the points I've earned expire?  Is there a limit to my points?
A: Currently, points do not have an expiration date.  We do have a maximum total of points allowed to accumulate.  Time to start shopping after 1500 points earned!  
Q: Where can I enter my transactions to earn points?
A: If you decide to sign up for the rewards program later on, you cannot go back & get credit for previous transactions that occurred more than 10 business days ago. The only way points can be earned on your account is by having your rewards account number attached to either your on-line order or your cash register receipt AND your online rewards account setup with your correct Bookstore Rewards account number.

Q: Can I redeem my points for cash?
A: Points in this program have no cash value. Therefore, they cannot be redeemed for cash.

Q: Where can I redeem my points?
A: All point redemption is done through our on-line catalog only. This catalog is updated periodically with new items so be sure to check it often.
Q: Are there any exceptions?
A: The point scale is 1 point for every $10.00 spent for technology purchases.  This mainly applies to purchases of computers and software.